My Mission: Divine Self-Expression

Ever since I could remember, writing was my therapy, my muse. I didn’t appreciate it as much as a young child the way others did because it was just part of who I was (and am).

When I was a kid, I was extremely timid. I couldn’t look into the eyes of another because it wasn’t comfortable for me. I was energetically sensitive and didn’t feel I was a part of this world. What did I do to feel at home? I wrote. Words always seemed easier to express on paper than through verbal communication.  When you write in a journal, or even on a computer, you can really take your time to sit in your emotions and pour out your soul into a language we can all understand. In person, my social anxiety would act up and I would sometimes get physically ill before making a presentation or wanting to bare my soul to someone. That still happens to me, but the difference is, I escaped my own truth for so long because it was too painful to see through my adult eyes.

Now, as a 30-year-old woman, I have realized how much I have strayed from the writer that I am. My soul always nudged me to speak my Truth, not just verbally, but in written form again. It took me a long time to come to conclusions as to why I chose to shut it down. After all, I went from someone who wrote daily, was published in the school newspapers and literary magazines, who aspired to write my own blog and novels, to a woman who chose to run from myself.

Fast forward past the self-judment… I am extremely excited to be on this journey again, back to self and rememberance. Writing is part of my self-expression, and therefore, part of my Divine Mission. I hope to aspire others to come forward with their own soul stories and not hide, the way I did. And you know what? If you did or do hide, that’s ok. I send you peace and strength to overcome that and develop writing as a form of therapy, if it resonates with you.

Welcome on this journey of Self-Expression with me!

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