Sundays with Source

A Message from Mother Mary:

Dear Loved Ones,

Sit in the here and now.  This moment is all you have. Quiet your mind and tune into your Soul’s message.  Every one of you has a Soul that speaks to you; however, in order to hear its message, you must sit in stillness and allow its Wisdom to come through you.

There is time to Act but now is not the time.  It is time to sit in silence with the real you.  You are energy. Your thoughts are energy. Where your mind wanders is in direct correlation to what you manifest in your external reality.  

You are Divine.  When you sit in the Present Moment, you sit in your Divinity.  Your Divinity is your source of Power and Truth.  Nurture your Divinity like you would a child.  It is a daily practice–one that can only be achieved by being Present in the Now.  In your Vessel. The Now is where Peace lives.  The Now is where Connection lives.  The Now is where Love is — love for self and for all things.