My Journey as a Twin Flame…

There is so much information circulating about Twin Flames.  There are books, articles, YouTube videos — you name it — about what this journey is like.  I am not here to ‘school’ anybody because we all walk our own paths.  My Twin Flame journey will not be like someone else’s.  There is no right or wrong.  It is a journey that many embark on and have an inner knowing that this is their  Truth.

When the words ‘ Twin Flame’ came to me, I was in a relationship with my first partner.  She gave me a book to read about Twin Flames because she was convinced I was her Twin.  After reading a few chapters, something didn’t resonate.  I knew it wasn’t MY truth, so I let the label go.  Fast forward two years into our extremely toxic relationship, I knew my intuition was spot on.

About two years later, I met someone who I believe to be my Twin Flame.  Before I get into some minor details, the reason why I worded it as ‘someone who I believe to be my TF’ is because I am open to being wrong.  For a long time I wasn’t and it actually hindered my ascension process.  I believe the key to this journey is to remain unattached to everything and everyone.  In that detachment is where you will find the ultimate Truth.

When I had met my TF, I was in a place where I needed deep healing, but I didn’t know how. I had little to no tools. The minute I met my TF, things changed for me.  When I looked into her eyes for the first time, I felt like I knew her on a soul level. Everything about her felt like home.  Her actual home felt like my home.  She felt like my divine counterpart.  I felt a kind of love that I truly did not know existed.  We triggered each other on such a deep level that we felt raw, naked and vulnerable. We tried to make sense of it all but we just couldn’t.  There is so much more that goes into this but I choose to keep it sacred out of respect & protection.

The last night I saw her, I had a deep knowing we would separate for quite some time. I even heard a gentle voice say, “You will be back but not for a while.”  Needless to say, the separation threw me into a soul trauma I had never experienced before. I remember crying out to God, “Why? Please help me understand this relationship. I don’t understand why we need to be apart. It doesn’t feel right!”  Not that long after I came across a plethora of information about Twin Flames.  Everything I had read made sense & every cell in my body awakened. It felt like complete Truth.  That was when my journey of spiritual awakening happened.  I knew I was living a life filled with illusions & it was my calling to remember my own Divinity.

The signs and synchronicities only got stronger as time went on.  717, 11:11, 144, license plates with “Twinsies” on it, randomly stumbling upon a movie about Twin Flames, meeting other people on the TF journey, etc…

Am I in union with the person whom I feel is my Twin Flame? No.  That is ok. I know what I felt & feel, and regardless of what happens, our Time together was a necessary part of my evolution as well as hers. It took me a while to get through the doubts, fears, paranoia, and so on.  I would not even talk about Twin Flames or my journey out of fear that people would judge me. But here I am, open hearted, vulnerable, sharing my story with you.  Being a Twin Flame is not about the Union with another person.  It has nothing to do with the other person at all. If someone else shows up & is a high vibe match for you, it shouldn’t matter.

The TF Journey is about Self: Self-Love, Self-Mastery, Self-Respect, Union with Self. It is not an easy path, but I am honored to be a True Twin Flame in this and many other lifetimes.

God is Non-denominational.

Often nowadays, whenever God or Jesus is brought up on social media or in conversation, you clearly see the division of perspectives. A lot of people assume that if you believe in God/Jesus then you are a “Bible hugging Christian” or spend your spare time at church.  This isn’t a post to bash religion or a certain belief as we are all entitled to feel what we feel. There is nothing wrong with practicing Christianity or Judaism or any other type of religion, or belief system such as Atheism or Agnosticism; however, I think it is important to get clear about God.

For me, God and Jesus are interchangeable. I sometimes use Source or Universe, too, because for me, God encompasses everything.  I was raised Roman Catholic, and up until I was about ten years old, I attended Catholic school. I was dedicated to going to Church weekly and prayer was second nature to me. I remember being a loner a lot as a child. I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. I was extremely timid and it was difficult for me to ‘fit in’ and make friends. In my old house in Yonkers, my parents hung a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our playroom. Every day I would literally pull up a stool and talk to him. I believed he was my only friend, and you know what? I had felt like I was actually being HEARD. It gave me comfort knowing that a Higher Power loved and supported me. Some people may hear that story and think it’s weird. I get it. It’s not every day you hear that a child was talking to a picture of Jesus, but honestly, I was fortunate to have had such strong faith at a young age.

Fast forward to adult Cathy… I do not currently practice Catholicism. I consider myself spiritual, but my bigger point is to drop the label. Does it matter if you are Catholic? Christian? Muslim? Hindu? The list goes on. God is everywhere. God is a part of you. God is in Mother Nature, in the thoughts you think and the words you speak. God is in every single person you pass on the street. God doesn’t just exist in a Church or temple or monastery. God is within and without.

No matter who you consider as God, please realize we are all One. And if you have lost your faith in God or don’t know if there is a God, I honor your perspective. However, I challenge you to dig deep and ask yourself: How could my life be different if I opened my heart and let God in? God could be your Higher Self. There is no wrong answer.

All I know is that God is not a weapon to be used against one another. God does not choose who to love. God is Love. Anyone who preaches otherwise has gotten wires crossed somewhere along the line.

We are at a time where it is imperative to allow ourselves to be open to a Higher Power and honor the God within each of us. Are you ready?