How Ho’oponopono Saved My Soul & My Life!

About four years ago, I went through what I would call ‘the heartbreak of my life.’ It was a short lived relationship, but damn, it woke me up to start my healing process in such an extreme way.  Not only was I going through an intense period of heartbreak, but the other areas of life were collapsing around me. I literally felt like I was left with nothing. My anxiety was at an all time high and my self-esteem and self-worth were at an all time low. I had played with the idea of ending my life. I sulked in my depression and felt like there was no way out. I often wondered what my Purpose was and if I’d ever feel whole again.

You know how the Universe/God brings people into your life at the right time? That was one of those times. I reconnected with a friend of mine whom I hadn’t really spoken to in a couple of years. She had told me about her Life Coach, Dr. Mary Ozegovich, who’d helped her through her own personal journey of healing. Mary was leading a workshop about Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian Healing Process, and something about the name intrigued me.

I’ll be honest… I had resistance. A part of me wanted to heal but another part of me didn’t. I mean, who actually wants to sit in their own shit, feel some deep pain, and figure out how to transmute it all? Yeah, not my idea of a fun Friday evening.

Finally, I caved, thanks to a little soul nudge. Let me tell you… it was one of the best decisions I have made. Ho’oponopono is a healing process of rectification with God or Source using the four phrases: I Love You, I Thank You, Please Forgive Me, I Am Sorry. It is about taking responsibility for your wounds and having the willingness to clean and clear them without judgment. One of the things I love about Ho’oponopono is that you can feel an immediate shift and it essentially creates a healing foundation for self-expansion. There are so many wonderful things I can say about Ho’oponopono, but that’ll be another post. I urge you to do your own research though, if this resonates.

Anyway, when I walked out of that three hour workshop I felt reborn. Renewed. Hopeful. I thank God every day for bringing an old friend back into my life as a gateway to Ho’oponopono because it was the first time in a long time where I started to feel whole again. I wanted to live. I dug deep to find my Purpose, and I still, till this day, practice Ho’oponopono. It saved my soul, and ultimately, saved my Life.