We Choose Our Pets & They Choose Us!

Growing up I had a childhood dog, Angel. I remember begging my parents to get him, but let’s be real… caring for a pet as a kid was not my forte.  Although I loved Angel, he preferred to spend time with my dad.  They had a connection that was beautiful to witness from the day we adopted him until the day he passed, and beyond.  I truly did not know what that felt like until I adopted Yogi.

Just a bit of history: I loved cats as a child but was terribly allergic.  I use to have severe asthma attacks, fever, and would end up in the hospital. So, before I adopted Yogi, I pretty much knew I could get deathly ill, but I decided to take a chance anyway. Here is why…

Around six years ago, my first partner and I broke up. I moved out of her apartment and was completely devastated, alone, bitter, and felt a complete void in my heart.  The thought of ever falling in love again felt nauseatingly impossible (dramatic, I know). About a month later, my ex showed me a picture of Yogi and mentioned the owner couldn’t keep him because her boyfriend developed a severe allergic reaction.  I can’t even explain it, but the moment I saw a picture of Yogi I knew I was meant to adopt him. It went against all logic, but hey, that’s what love does!

Being a new cat owner, I expected Yogi to keep his distance at first, but to my surprise, we became attached almost immediately.  Did I break out in hives and have a respiratory infection the first couple of weeks I had him? Oh yes, but I survived and currently have minimal to no allergic reactions.

Fast forward to four years ago, Yogi was diagnosed with heart disease at two years old.  If you know me, I do not believe in coincidences.  I truly believe Yogi and I chose to be a part of this life journey together to learn our own individual soul lessons as a team.  I’ve read that pets oftentimes take on the traumas and stresses of their owners to prevent certain illnesses and ‘lighten the load,’ so to speak, and I wholeheartedly believe that.  Although I know I did not give Yogi heart disease, I believe we both chose to heal our hearts together, but in different ways.  Part of that journey of healing requires me to open my heart.  In loving Yogi and experiencing the unconditional love he gives me every day, it has taught me that love is real. Love is safe. Love is our natural state of being.  A pet does not choose to love. It just does.  And as Yogi aids in healing my heart, I believe I help heal his just by loving him with gratitude.

When I look at Yogi, I do not see a sick, helpless cat.  I see a Soul who wants love, just like the rest of us.  As much as it is difficult at times, I look past the test results and tell Yogi every day, “I love you and you will be with me for the rest of my days.”  I really believe it to be true.

If there is anything we can learn from our pets it is to live in the moment and BE LOVE.  It is with great comfort and an honor to know that your pet’s soul contracted to love yours in the same lifetime, with mutual reciprocation.  Now that is a true Soul Connection… one that transcends all and never dies.

Did you feel that instant soul connection with your pet? I’d love to hear your adoption/furbaby love stories!